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“You cannot educate a child who is not healthy, and you cannot keep a child healthy who is not educated.”
~ Dr. Jocelyn Elders
Former United States
Surgeon General
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Medical Policy and Procedures Guide

Physical Education Excuses (Checklist)
*Head Injuries

A student who experiences a head injury at school will be monitored by the nurse in the health office.  If the student does not exhibit signs or symptoms of concussion then the student may return to class. The parent or guardian will be notified.

If a student develops signs or symptoms of a concussion after a head injury, the parent or guardian will be notified so follow up with the primary care provider can occur as soon as possible.  The student will need to provide a note from the doctor addressing when they can return to school and when the child may return to physical education class/recess.  The student may not return to school without this note.

All students who experience a head injury involving loss of consciousness will be transported to the emergency room immediately for evaluation.

*Please be aware that the school does not conduct “Return to Play Protocols.”

Physical Examinations
  • A physical exam is required for all new entrants.

  • The school nurse or school secretary will render the Physical Examination form to the parents of new entrants during registration.

  • The Physical Exam record should be completed and filed with the school nurse within one month of school entrance.

  • The school nurse should be notified of any health conditions as soon as possible.

*It is important to have your child examined by their physician at least once during each develpmental stage, at early childhood (preschool through grade three), pre-adolescence (grade four through six) and adolescence (grades seven through 12).
  • Height, weight and blood pressure screening is done annually for each student in grades 5-8.

  • Screening for visual acuity is conducted for students in grade 6 and grade 8.

  • Screening for auditory acuity is conducted for students in grade 7.

  • Scoliosis screenings are performed for students in grade 5 and grade 7. A student may be exempt from this examination if requested in writing by the parent or guardian.

*Referral letters are sent home when warranted.


Required Vaccines for Students Entering Sixth Grade
Meningitis Fact Sheets for Fifth/Sixth Grade Parents/Guardians.
HPV Fact Sheets for Seventh Grade Parents/Guardians

Educational Fact Sheets