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Guidance Office

Christopher Habermas

School Guidance Counselor
[email protected]
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908-204-1916 ext 3022

Marcella Craver
School Guidance Counselor
[email protected]
908-204-1916 ext 3012 
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Jaclyn Pasquarelli
[email protected]
908-204-1916 ext. 3538
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with Ms. P.


School Guidance Counselors

provide individual and group activities designed to help students benefit from the opportunities and experiences offered during the middle school years. Through personal interviews, counselors will help students identify their strength and needs by discussing test results and previous/current school records. Counselors will try to assist students in working out problems that center around school and relationships with others. A student may make an appointment with his/her guidance counselor by obtaining an appointment request form from the guidance office.   


Mental Health Support   
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How to Improve Mental Health at School - MindShift

Helpful Information and Links
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 Should My Child Have a Smartphone?  https://www.waituntil8th.org/why-wait
 Youth Helpline  www.2ndfloor.org
 We’re NOT just ADHD!  www.adhdmoodbehaviorcenter.com
 Cell phone contract  www.themiddleschoolcounselor.com
 Information on healthy sleep for children and adults  www.sleepfoundation.org
 learn all about current neurological research and learning  www.dana.org
 Positive psychology  Greater Good Science Center 
 A free, confidential call line 855-652-3737  http://www.njconnectforrecovery.org 
   Book : Middle School Makeover